The importance of Design

Why Is Design So Important In Our Society? Or in fact, is designing really a necessity? Let us have a look at it and clarify the query.

What is Design?

Design is basically a plan for the construction of an object or system. This plan is used for implementation of an activity. Design is a beautiful solution for everything. No one likes a product without beauty, right? Keeping aside the fact that, beauty is subjective. 

Design helps in enhancing the beauty of a product. In other words, design is a communicative way for modern technique. Design also is the process of creating objects,systems, buildings and more and it helps us to understand the making of a new culture.

Types of  Design

However, there are various types of designs around us and let us ponder on the commonly used kinds.

Creative design is the act of new imaginative ideas into reality. It contains thinking and producing ideas. Nowadays there are many types of design spheres, namely, Graphic designs, UI designs, 3D designs, Interaction designs and many more. 

Design Concept

Design concept is the idea behind the design. It concentrates on how we solve the problems without difficulty. There are some design concepts like design evolution and design innovation. 

A product is allowed to evolve over a period of time with only slight improvement, where no competition is met and capability of the designer is limited. Next is Design innovation

This is achieved by rapid scientific growth and innovation leads to new design ideas to satisfy the growth needs of society.

Invention of smartphones are typical examples.


Design Experience

Experience design is an approach to creating experiences for people. It’s an approach that can be applied to designing any experience, from designing innovative new products, to developing marketing messages, or even workplace policies that create better experiences for people. It’s worth noting that experience design is not a ‘one and done’ activity, it usually involves a lot of testing and iterating, and ongoing programs.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a mindset process. Design Thinking is about having an intentional process in order to get new, relevant solutions that create positive impact. It’s human-centered. It’s collaborative. It’s optimistic. It’s experimental.


The Importance of UI/UX in Design Sphere 

Now Let’s talk about the importance of UI/UX in the design sphere. 

As the name suggests, UI is the User Interface and UX is theUser Experience. So what actually is the actual purpose of UI/UX Design?

UX design is the process of  creating valuable and enjoyable experiences for users who interact with a product or service. The strength of a product’s UX designs leads to its success. If we have to create a positive experience, Designers must understand the user’s Desire. There is so much process and research in UI/UX designing. 

New innovations are coming with the trend so we have to study a lot about this sphere. UI designers are like graphics designers. They’re concerned with aesthetics. It’s up to them to make sure the application’s interface is attractive, visually stimulating and themed appropriately.  

Hence, if we talk about design, we have to explain a lot. It depends on every category of designs and research. Ending with a quote by Paul Rand;

“Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated!”