What makes a design aesthetic or beautiful?

I’ve heard a lot saying designs are subjective. Are they? Why do only a few of them find a specific design good? So, what exactly is a good design or an aesthetic design? Are there any guidelines for making it?

Let me start by saying what Aesthetics is and what’s going around it. 

So aesthetics means a set of principles or a view often manifested by outward appearances or style of behavior, which pleases our eyes and hearts equally!

To the previous question again, are there any guidelines for making it aesthetic or beautiful? Yes, there are a few ways to get the job done!

I like to call them key components of good graphic design! So basically, I’m concentrating too much on graphic designs rather than other products and industrial designs.

Designs are honest!

Okay, let me make this kinda feel good. Imagine you promised someone about something or your best feelings, and you’re trying to do it or explain it to them via designs. Ever thought about how that’s gonna be?

There you can find the honest feelings going through your designs, And that’s my friend what I am trying to say. Be honest with your designs! Make it speak, fluently, look at the finest details, explain it to the deepest trench or climb up to the highest peak.

Designs have a purpose!

Any designs that you are doing, do have a purpose to meet. But it varies according to each other, from a flier design to major branding elements that deserve or serve the purpose of marketing and making people know about the things and all, but what does a simple artwork do? What purpose does it serve? They make you happy, inspired, and felt!

The designs are informative!

Most of the designs around us are informative and probably up to the brim with new knowledge. An honest and purposeful design surely will be an informative design.

Designs are simple and stupid!

Designs are actually simple. There is a major saying altogether Keep It Simple, Stupid. (K.I.S.S). What does that mean?

Let me give you an explanation for this. Once Albert Einstein said “If you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it well enough.” Though it is often misinterpreted as being; “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it well enough.” What Einstein was driving at was a particular application of “keep it simple, stupid”.

Designs are composed!

So, we all know that designs not only include a certain amount of elements scattered around, rather a well composed certain amount of elements are also present in a good design. Composition involves the proper visual arrangement of all graphical and textual elements, the use of colors and styles, and the incorporation of the above-mentioned design thoughts.


So clearly we can say that A Simple, Honest, Informative, and Purposeful Composition will be the key to unlocking the doors of aesthetics and beauty from someone.