Into Contemporary Design Trends : Brutalism

Whatever the reason, the one who named this trend really was brutally honest. So, what is the Brutalism design trend? Where did it come from? What was the motive? Let’s see.

A short history, Maybe?

So the story begins with the destructions in the 1940s, yes in the second world war era just ended, where all the architecture was shattered and buildings laid scattered over the roads.

The brutalist designers or architects emerged from the insides of the United Kingdom, paving some new ideas in the Government’s official minds. Which was the concept known as Brutalism, where they used cheap raw materials but with more striking features to give the buildings a sense of individuality and grandeur.

Even though these were some “Ground-Breaking” trends, these were left behind because of the redundant and mute colour and dark vibe-themed buildings.

Revived in Digital Designs!

Rebirth of brutalism was really not well-ground-breaking stuff that we had in the past but it broke some internet web pages. Craigslist is an example of this, these websites were made with simple and redundant items and it was minimalistic at the same time intriguing. These trends held their hands with the Anti-Design trend and reached pop-cult popularity.

These were in the late 20th century, Both in architecture and in digital design, brutalism saw as a hit against artificiality and lightness. Even critics praise it for its honesty and daring even in the printing media.

The thing is the designers didn’t follow any patterns or cookie cutting templates, which dominated the websites.

Brutalism design now!

Brutalism in the modern era has its origins in the ideas of its architectural forefather. So like the concrete slabs, we have uncovered or untextured blankness in the designs.

The rough edges of the building become the untreated photos or cringy default typefaces in modern digital designs.

From Posters to Book Covers, Apps to Web designs, there are thousands of brutalist cult examples.

Scared to adapt to the Brutalist cult?

Brutalism is very visually striking and appealing in most scenarios, It is not and was not easy to make these styles in our day-to-day designs. But it really strikes the temptations to adapt the beautiful gimmickry, But yeah as I said earlier, it gonna brutally demolish the design laws, to be honest, but it’s worth that.