Wow Factor: Separating designs superiorly



What is this “Wow Factor”? How can we define it? However, the definition of “Wow Factor” may differ from person to person.

Yes! Now you might be thinking about the significance of the ‘wow factor’ in designing, right?

We say the success of a design is connected with the wow factor. In that case, what actually makes a design wow?

“WOW, that’s a great design!” 

In this comment, we can see the wow factor in its purest form. Wow-factor is something that won’t only separate the design from others but separates it superiorly. It is something that already exists in all designs and affects the user’s mind in many cases. It just needs to be figured out consciously in order to make that design stand out.

Then, what are the things that make a design wow? Let’s see.

  • Presenting designs as stories

Communicating with stories makes it easier for people to remember designs easily. By presenting designs as stories designers can get insight into users’ minds, build empathy and reach them emotionally. Storytelling in design creates emotional connections between visual stories and their audiences. 

  • Focus on the user perspective

Starts with human beings and ends with the answers that are tailored to their individual needs. When you understand the people that you are trying to reach, and then design from their perspective, you come up with unusual answers. Simply it’s all about building a deep empathy with the individuals you’re designing for.

  • Presenting Style

It is mutually connected that how a user sees a design and how it is presented. A design with a nice presentation style makes that design visually appealing.

  • Current trends

It is important to keep up with the new trends in order to produce great work for clients.

  • Keep a design identity

Having a unique design identity is the secret to creating great designs. Design identity allows the design to show the whole design world what it is as a single design. It makes that design stand out among other designs.

  • Discover a niche

you should find the very specific design that sets you apart from the other designers, Simply Find your niche!

Proper mood boarding, sticking with the new trends, experimenting with new designs, etc can help you to fill the void that other designs have.

  • Take risks

Taking risks in design doesn’t mean succeeding every time, and that’s OK! Taking risks in design can lead to the worst design which in turn can help you grow as a good designer. Taking risks will bring new trends. That will make your design wow among the others

“Explore unique combinations of color; experiment with different techniques, and always strive for creating [pieces] that stand apart.”

— Desmond O’Hagan

After you design something, build something, or write something, step back, look at it and ask yourself: “Have I done everything I could to make this the best that it can be?” If the answer is yes, then you have unlocked the mystery of “Wow”!